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Shell mode face delete / exclusion (1)
3DConnexion 3D-Mouse (8)
Disable Update Notification (3)
Request for new features to entire software and specifications for Inventure (1)
Multible different layer hight (2)
Perimeter or wall selection (3)
Zsuite remote rename file, create directory, move (1)
Temperature on Zsuite remote access (1)
Exporting STLs While Slicing (2)
Mixed support (hybrid + normal) (2)
Temperature / fan change on slice (like pause) (1)
M200 XY move for grease (5)
Camera available over HTTP (1)
Gyroid Pattern as option for Support-Patterns (4)
Linux, Android - Graphics (3)
Light button for inspection (4)
Notifications (finished or error) and camera available on HTTP (3)
Built in debris tray (3)
Build tray recomendation in Z-Suite for Inventure (2)
Change resin printer in Z-Project (2)
Inventure Layer Height (1)
Z-Suite : optimize parts placement on plate (3)
Clone model after generating supports in Z-Suite (6)
Pause setting and platform height (1)
Display summary after printing has finished (1)
Supports - One bottom contact point instead on three (3)
Layer height for external printers (2)
Z-Suite model offset (holes, outer contours) (2)
Inkspire - As many copies as possible with the best orientation (1)
Z-Suite export STL (7)