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Zsuite remote rename file, create directory, move (1)
Temperature on Zsuite remote access (1)
Exporting STLs While Slicing (2)
Mixed support (hybrid + normal) (2)
Temperature / fan change on slice (like pause) (1)
M200 XY move for grease (5)
Camera available over HTTP (1)
Gyroid Pattern as option for Support-Patterns (4)
Linux, Android - Graphics (3)
Light button for inspection (4)
Notifications (finished or error) and camera available on HTTP (3)
Built in debris tray (3)
Build tray recomendation in Z-Suite for Inventure (2)
Change resin printer in Z-Project (2)
Inventure Layer Height (1)
Z-Suite : optimize parts placement on plate (3)
Clone model after generating supports in Z-Suite (6)
Pause setting and platform height (1)
Display summary after printing has finished (1)
Supports - One bottom contact point instead on three (3)
Layer height for external printers (2)
Z-Suite model offset (holes, outer contours) (2)
Inkspire - As many copies as possible with the best orientation (1)
Z-Suite export STL (7)
Improve remote access to M200Plus (2)
Z-Suite - first layer gap (2)
Reload stl but keep the project (2)
Eject USB button after saving (1)
Dark skin for Z-SUITE (3)
Display countdown to next pause (4)