23 Hours into a tall ABS print - so far so good

This amazes me.  I've owned 4 other printers.  None of them could print ABS this tall with straight box walls without peeling up or delaminating.  Probably an hour or two to go.  I'm going to bed.  Hoping to wake up to a nicely finished part.  Z-Ultra filament.

Question:  what was your print setting?  I'm trying to print something like that (just a big hollow cube) but I'm not sure if I should use light infill or if Mesh will work.  I'm not quite sure if I choose mesh, will the top print correctly (since it'll be just hollow inside?).

Titan... I have the SD card in the printer right now which has that print file on it.  I'll try to remember to look it up tomorrow and post it here.  If you don't see it feel free to PM me.

  • The part printed well but the bottom edges were warped up by 0.020" on each end.  The top was open but I printed a 1/8" plate on size and it was a light press to snap it into the top.  You can see the pressed in top in one of the attached pictures.
  • The bottom dimensions were about 0.010 to 0.020" under size.  
  • The height and top dimensions were within 0.005".
  • There were some small areas of slight delamination (probably 6 or so).

The part was printed to be a test gauge for a military battery.  I'll change the part geometry so that there are holes in the sides where it doesn't matter.  That will keep stresses from building up and causing delamination and warping.

I'll attach some pictures of the part for reference...

Thanks for the update!

0% fan cooler setting for big parts will solve delamination problem.

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I highly recommend to get a 3Dsimo pen. I use it to repair splits. You just carve the split out a bit with the dremel or a knife and then you just weld it with the pen. Then take a file and make it flat again. If you are careful you can even recreate the surface lines with the file…then a go over it with the heat gun and you can hardly tell it was repaired.

And if you do acetone vapor then you can definitely not tell anymore…

Attached is a drawing showing the final print tolerances.  Except for the peeled bottom two corners the print was within 0.005 for most dimensions.

That's generally about where mine is at too. I just set the offsets at .13mm and its almost dead on.. Pretty good for high tech "hot glue gun" lol :D