3D Model of Zortrax M200

Does someone know a site where I can download a 3D model of the Zortrax M200

I’ve also been wanting a model of the M200. I should make one and upload it.

What model are you referring to?

A 3D model of the M200?

It’s probably not 100% accurate(only used a ruler for measurements) and doesn’t have the moving parts inside, but I was playing around on OnShape a few years ago and made an M200 model to learn it.


A simplified 3Dbody is fairly enough. and if possible in STEP format.


Thank you for sharing. It is at least something to start with.
I work with Solid Edge so I have shared a SE file of what you have been modeling in Onshape.
BTW Onshape seems to have a great parasolid converter. No cleanup needed after import.

How can I upload a file to this forum ?