3d Printed F1 Wheel For Sim Racing

I thought I would share some pics of my f1 wheel project. When i started out on the project I was using an Ultimaker 2 but the print quality of the M200 seemed so superior I decided to get one.

The wheel  is printed in Z-Hips which seems to give an excellent surface finish and print quality.

27697816236_4399db13fc_z.jpgIMG_3856 by jamesscotland73, on Flickr

27129974584_025e4bdd06_z.jpgIMG_3865 by jamesscotland73, on Flickr

Check out my flickr photostream for more pics. https://www.flickr.com/photos/41034110@N06/

This is without any doubt the most impressive thing i ever have seen. Designs is stunning and all the electrical parts must have been hell to install and wire up. I guess you use if for iRacing? Insane work. Well done, well done!

I also drive some sims from time to time but my wheel is just a standard Fanatec CSR.

The electronics were not that bad actually, although I must admit the prospect of doing all the wiring did fill me with dread. :-)

I put it off for ages but in the end it only took me a few hours. My soldering isn't pretty but it does the job.

Thanks for your comments Trhuster

Is it some kind off rubber that you use for the grip?

It’s a product called Sugru, it good stuff but way too expensive. I’m not all that happy with the grips to be honest as I had to mold the material on by hand, hence all the fingerprints.