3D Printing Problem

Hi Zortrax Team,

We have recently bought a Zortrax 3D Printer. Until yesterday, everything was great with it. Yesterday, we tried to print a bucket model out. But, in the morning we saw that the printing was not satisfying. There was failures with layers and also with surface. Could you guys help me to solve the problem. I don't have any idea about it. 



Could you upload STL model? What settings were used for that print?

Be sure that 20+ C is temperature in room where printer is running and do not use 100% of fan cooler just automatic option will be ok. Print square with hole to be sure that everything is ok with pulleys and belts because your print looks bad M200 can print much better than output from your picture

Thank you for comments. Most probably, the reason of this failure print is room temprature, because zortrax was front of the window and outside was 5 C degree, as you see on picture