3DConnexion 3D-Mouse


Hello Zortrax team.

We are developing our CAD models with SolidWorks using the 3D-Spacemouse from 3DConnexion.
It would be a great help for us using this equipment together with the Z-Suite Software.

Thanks in advance.



I wish I could, too, but Zortrax is not interested in this …


Hello Matt,

We do not have such plans at the moment, but thank you for your suggestion. We will keep it in mind.


Please put 3DConnexion in your plans.
My SpaceMouse does a sad attempt at zooming in Z-Suite (very slow in and out) but nothing in the way of the other dimensions.
Very important (for some of us at least).
Thank you


Hello Nils

Same sad attempt here while zooming, but nothing more.



There doesn’t seem to be any voting option for feature requests, so this is a “me too” post to indicate that there are more than three people interested in 3DConnexion 3D-Mouse support in Z-Suite.


Another one want 3D-Mouse compatibility !

And at same time allow the possibility to customize zomm and move button, i like to use the same control as Fusion 360.



Another request for SpaceMouse support.

Please look here for the SDK. It has a reputation for being very easy.