Advanced discussion on Extruder Temp drop and Warping

Simple.... print a shield to shield the shield :) 

In seriousness, the split would have to be pretty bad to have significant volume of air to move through it.... but haven't printed a large thin wall yet so maybe if a split occurs, it might be worse than I'm expecting?

How about trying some old Z-ABS that you cook the moisture out of? This is absolutely necessary for heat forming sheets of ABS as an example. The usual procedure is to cook it at a low temp for a few hours - not sure what temp but maybe 130 - 150 F would be enough to drive the moisture out. I'm not sure what age would do other than acquire moisture, and I can't offhand suggest a casual mechanism for warping, but if age of material is a problem something is changing. 

Found this, Warpinator5000

Made this before finding above, haven't printed it yet but guessing it may warp.


Awesome, I must try it!

Awesome, I must try it!

Me too.  I saw some try it on a lower end printer on youtube, it did warp really badly. Interesting to see what happens on a m200.