Advice on settings

Hello guys,

tonight I can’t wait :smiley: to test new release 0.09…

For this model, ( ) which are ideal settings for a mail with Z-ABS?



Usually with UP software, I will  choose the shell feature with 10 % support and surface layers of 3. But i haven't tested the shell feature in z-suite, so maybe you will be the first in this forum :). Good luck!

shell apart ... but the other settings? ;)

How small is this?? Is it scaled right? Only about 10mm wide and tall.

Yes it’s only scaled…😉

Are you going to print it that small? If so, go with .14 or .09, light infill, 100% fan

Thanks Kyke!😉

Thanks Kyle!

No problem.. I just tried printing it at current size.. I would scale it up first.. lol