An add-on to your Zortrax M200

When I surf the kickstarter site, I find this wonderful thing for our lovely Zortrax M200. I have pledged one of that. Go and see if you are interested in it. :)

Looks promising. Little skeptical but I just asked a bunch of questions. Like if the M200 needs to be hacked or a raspberry pi installed and do they have the temperature profiles of the Z filament as well as if you can adjust the temp settings and print polycarbonate. lol  Being as my warranty is up, unlocking the potential for polycarbonate is my main priority and looks like it may be a very, very long time until we get that particular update.  :rolleyes:

So I'll see soon. lol 

I bet Third Element doesn't speak zcode.

Looks interesting but kinda expensive for a little board..

I bet Third Element doesn't speak zcode.

It says compatible with Zortrax printers but that would be something needing confirmation. 

They probably have assumed the Zortrax uses Gcode. It will be interesting to see if the M200 is still listed in a few weeks time. Although from a personal point of view this wouldn't change the way I use my M200 and doesn't offer me anything I want/need so it's not one for me.

i think that wont work with zcode...

It really doesn't seem to add much value to m200 owners even IF it's actually compatible. The only real things I see would be webcam monitoring and remote printing. I guess it'd be good if it would allow other filaments (Zortrax is promising, but progress seams slow), but who exactly would develop the profiles (since it doesn't look user-controllable). At least to me it doesn't really seem worth it right now.

If you want webcam monitoring,, just get an IP cam.. Where do I put my SD card in that thing?? :D

Just finally got a response back from these guys. 

Printr says:

Hi Steve, 

I apologize for my late reply! You are right that Zortrax has special code for their printers (zcode). We are in contact with the manufacturer and we are looking at the possibilities for supporting their printers. 

We'll keep you up to date with the latest developments. If you have any other questions, please let me know!


Sa la vie! lol     oops my bad-- C'est la vie