An Apology

Dear Zortrax Friends, Staff, and Fellow Users,

Yesterday, while discussing a proposed software feature here on the forum, I made a sarcastic remark about some completely unrelated changes in the new Z-Suite. On reflection, I see that this was uncalled-for and unprofessional; it was what we call in English a "cheap shot".

I apologize to the Zortrax team for belittling their hard work, and to the community, for unnecessarily creating a mini-sh*tstorm in the forum and disturbing the peace and harmony here. I'll try not to do it again.


As we use to say in my mother tongue: menos... menos...

I'm Sorry Julia, I do not think you really have anything to apologize for, I just spent the week end telling thousands of potential customers how great the M200 is and thinking to myself "they will love the machine but when expressing an informed opinion about it they will be talked down to like "Apple" users.

"We (Apple) know what is good for you and will only give you what we know is good for you."

Please, so I do not explode with outrage at the treatment you have received from the "good people" at Zortrax, do not apologize for being a fair minded, well informed great customer ever again.

I am truly sorry you ever felt the need to explain or retract what you have every right to say on these supposed "fair" forums.

I hope you see this before it is torn down.

With respect and admiration!

Drew G. Petitclerc

This apologize underlines the kindness of Julia an is the sole shame for Zortrax management.