... and then wrapping occured ... :(


Until now, I printed several parts (once per once)  without any pb.

Then I wanted to print something bigger and "harder".... like a mechanical clock.

As there are many parts, I grouped them in 4 Zcode files and started to print.

The first set of parts printed perfectly during 12 hours.


(I just have a little wrapping on the "massive" wheel, on the right)

Then I started the set "2", and after ~ 1h I had to stop the printing process because of huge wrapping.

mini_208023P4041931.jpg  mini_869621P4041928.jpg  mini_266015P4031916.jpg

These prints where realised with side cover panels.

I then checked the bed levelling by doing a new calibration, and launched the set "2" a second time (without side panels, for this time).

--> Result is EXACTLY the same : Big wrapping at same place.

So, yes, I can print each part, one per one, but it is not satisfying to know it is not working as it should.

Most of all, I have some very big gearbox casings to print... so I would appreciate to solve this pb.

Does any one has an idea ?

Print data :


- 0.14mm Layers

- no support

- auto fan

- top & bottom  : 5 layers

- infill : "Solid"


Reduce fan to 0% also.


Thanks for the tips.

PS : what about Z-ultrat ? does it exist an "Ultrat juice" ?  ( :wacko: )

Z-ABS juice is fine for printing with Z-ULTRAT either. You can also use UHU Stic glue.