Another Extruder Issue

Extrusion is stopping mid print, this time while printing the raft. This is on a brand new roll of filament that I miced at .65" (1.65 CM). Any ideas? I have had the issue of the pin pictured sliding out occasionally, I am not sure if this could be causing it or not. Another thing that I think is not normal is the extruder head where the stepper sits can be tilted forward/backwards with little force.

Not a clogged nozzle as I can force the filament through when using extrude command.



Do you notice the feeder wheel spinning or is it stopped?

Gear was still spinning, and it is tight with the set screw. I think my printer may have some tolerance issues somewhere, as intermittently its almost like the gear is too far from the bearing and it will just stop printing for no apparent reason.

Did you check the bearing itself? Julia had one that broke into pieces…

Also, if you put the stepper in place…push it towards the bearing when tightening the screws (of course there should be no filament in there when doing that)