Another max height print error

Started this print yesterday. It is only 7" long so I thought ok no problem. Woke up to a weird clicking noise, at 97% the printer began to run back over the printed piece with the extruder, as if the z could not move down any further. I remember someone else experienced this, any suggestions on how to fix the issue? I really should be able to print this part.



I also tried to move the platform using the maintenance manually, and the screw is not turning whenever i move it either up or down, sounds like the stepper is but the screw is not. 

looks like the coupler between stepper and screw is loose...if you have a V1 or V3

I have a V2

then it must be binding as Kyle said. Take the screws out of the brass nut....then turn the brass nut down all the way. This way you can move the platform up and down freely by hand. Now loosen the screws that attach the rod blocks to the chassis. Move the plate up and down and slowly tighten everything up again at the same time. Do that until there is no more binding.

I had the same thing happen with my V2 on a tall print.  ZSuite didn't see a problem with the height, but the last cm or so of the part looked like yours and the extruder had started to tip the part over just about the time the print finished.  One of the cables had gotten pinched between the base support for one of the Z-axis guide rods and its corresponding Z-axis guide bushing so that might have accidentally shortened the available Z clearance.


My rails are not aligned properly, when the botrtom coupling is loose I can go all the way down to the bottom.

Could someone from zortrax please address this? I submitted a support ticket a few days ago

My support ticket is #2720, if someone could address this (submitted 5 days ago) that would be great please.

@abeship, please check PMs.

@abeship, please check PMs.

It would be nice if the remedy for this were made public, so that others might benefit.

@Julia, The PM was about communication issues, not about the problem itself.

Usually problems like that are caused by tightened screws that holds Z lead screw nut on build platform (approximately 1-2mm play is needed), however I needed to ask for additional informations (photos or videos).

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