Another strange noise issue...

Hi again!

My printer is starting to make strange noises when the print head moves left-right. It sounds a little bit like raw macaroni noodles breaking and seems to come from the print head.

If I loosen the 4 tiny screws that point to the bearings at the front and back the noise gets less dominant.

Any ideas if I identified the "right spot". I already did the first step of the x/y alignment/maintenance procedure. Checking all screws and tightening the belts of the stepper motor,

but the noise really seems to come from the print head. I will try to capture a short video later.

Also opened a support ticket as well (CRM: 001401270).

It really sounds incredibly unhealthy....

Edit #1: 3289
Zipped M4A File. Noise can be heard at 0:15; 0:29; 0:33

Edit #2: Uploaded video to . Noise can be heard at 0:06; 0:30; 0:45

(Yes the print looks ugly; Z-PETG with potentially dying heater see my other thread.)



P.S.: Zortrax M200 printer with "guessed" 800h printing time.

Replied on opened ticket.

The printer was sent to service and I got it back last Tuesday.

The strange noise was in fact coming from the linear bearings in the print-head and they were replaced.

Thanks to Marcin, Anna and Pawel for sorting it out.