Anyone able to successfully print this Velociraptor Business Card puzzle?

I tried, but I had a few problems.  I printed in ABS and the print itself went okay.  No warping or lifting.  

However, it was very difficult to remove the parts from the raft. There's no way to print without a raft, right?  

I used "full" infill (maybe solid, I'll have to check) but there are voids in the part. Particularly near the sprues.  The best example is in the leg, top right of the attached picture. (Just above the knee of the leg piece.)  These were in the z-suite preview too.  This made the parts very fragile, and a couple broke at that point when removing them from the raft.  

Nop, you can't print without raft.

It should be removable with sharp spatula but watch your fingers!

I printed it ok by lowering the temperature, print pops easily from raft.

Suggestion: have a computer fan blow on the raft when it lays final raft layer. Cooling that layer quicker will allow easy print removal.