Anyone have any issues with rhino .stls?

I had two potential customers send me stls they had exported from Rhino. I don't have the software available to me, but both of these files were corrupted. Even with a netfabb repair, I couldn't get z-suite to take them. Has anyone else ever had this issue? Does anyone know how to go further than netfabb for repairs? I'd be happy to upload them if necessary.

Hey abeship if you need me to use rhino to try to get you a proper export i can give it a try. Just upload the files ill see what i can do

If you don't mind doing that, I would really appreciate it! Let me find them here and figure out where to upload

Ok I will keep a lookout here when you do upload it. 

Is it showing a box around where the part should be but the part isnt there? like this?


Tell Your clients to check if there is no naked edges in Rhino before and after converting model to meshes (it’s in: Analyze/Edge tools/show edges) I’m guessing that it may be the reason.