As if my heater stopped heating afte a while and clogg !

Dear Support team,

I have my M200 for 2 (or nearly 3) months now... and it never successfully printed anything but 2 very little items (<10 cm3).

I very frequently meet messages like "Check printhead cable and restart your printer" or after some tries on the same day: "hotend too hot, bla bla bla".

I tried a lot of things: by all means, cleaning the head with acetone, removing plastics from the plate, cleaning the plate with the ABS-milk, I even ordered a v2 hotend, 1 of each material (ABS, ULTRAT, GLASS, HIPS), side covers... I even tried some ideas like to use ABS with HIPS designed file and the contrary. No way !

It is as if after a while my hotend thought that it was enough and stopped heating. Of course, material stucks into the nozzle. Sometimes, the head re-heat (and I have a mess of plastic spaghetti everywhere) but sometimes not.

I made a 5 minutes video to show you the problem:

I am ready to buy all the necessary spare parts but I can find neither printhead cable, nor printhead circuit board, printhead cables, hotend wires,... and the electronic shop where I bought my Zortrax answered me they are not able to deliver such spare parts.

What can I do ? Could you please help me ?



it seems like you are running too hot (the printhead error often appears when you restart the printer after a midway stuck heating routine which actually was an overheating that the sensor didnt stop from happening). i could guess it's the temp sensor or a connectivity/cable/board problem but you should anyway contact support instead of buying parts on your own.

Thank you for the diagnosis.

As I still have not received any answer from support by email (I have read they had some mail delivery problems :unsure:), I hope that Chris, from the staff, will have a look at this post and at my video.

I think the key phrase is "Check printhead cable". Check the connections at both ends, end get a new one from Z or your reseller if fiddling with the connections doesn't help. You could also try fiddling with the heater and thermocouple connections on top of the printhead.

Great video, BTW!

@Voudas - too hot? His extruder is clicking because the hot end has gone cold, methinks.

I was referring to the error in case it’s not the cable, as i have seen it happen more than once and the main cable is rare to be DOA, his printer is new. the clog part is obvious and already described by Zor as “stopped heating”. So overall there is an uncontrollable temp fluctuation and my guess is that this goes both ways.

Without proper testing and troubleshooting this is pure guessing anyway

My own diagnosis, referring to the error message and the way it happens was similar to Julia's one. That's why I wanted to buy a new printhead cable and even a head board and wires.

Unfortunately, my electronic shop is not able to provide it.

You know, even if my printer is new, I also noticed signs of wear on the belts,...


signs of wear on belt.png

...and when I cleaned the motor of my printhead head after first clogging I discovered it quitely surrounded with some orange pieces of material whereas I never used any orange material.

I do not think the printer is not new. In my opinion, it is probably the testing procedure after manufacturing. Moreover, I trust my favourite electronic shop where I have been client for 25 years.

Anyway, I am so enthousiast to be able to use my printer like I note you all do, that I am ready to buy any spare parts that is necessary. (Of course @Voudas, if it is under warranty, it is even better, but it is not a point for me). Now, I just hope someone from the support or Zortrax staff will have a look at my post and help me.

Many thanks to @Julia for her congrats about my humble video ;)