Bad outer layers

Hey so Im getting parts that look great and some that look really bad. Ill post pictures and maybe someone can tell what this is from. So one side is bad and other side looks great i dont get it.

Try to print the part somewhere else on the bed. Move it in Z-suite. If it looks fine, might be a cable problem.. What settings are used? Layer, seam, material? Post STL if you can.. I might be able to print it tonight.

I have a few parts on the bed. Some come out great some dont. I know its not the STL i have used it prob 70 times. I print using Z-ABS, .19mm, fast, low fill, fan auto

No idea then.. I'd contact support.. and supply STL..

It’s going back for repair this week it was for the noises it was making and because it would calibrat but now it’s printing bad parts. It seems to only be like that when I have more then one part on the build plate then need to add a retraction option so you can change it.

Did you use random seam? If so try normal seam.

No always use normal. It only does it when there is multiple parts on the bed. I think the nozzle Is leaking little bites of plastic on the part on its move to the next one. One part comes out great