bad print on hard surface does anyone know reason?

Hi I have zortrax for a week and i mainly print sculptires and result is great,I printed this hard surface object that is design for lamp and reult is catastrofic,i also notice ,Take a look into images ,if anyone know reason please let me know ,i alsoAlso i notice that head extrude even when is not over surface,i suspect on head problem but i can not say waht is it?Also when i take of from plate is totaly colapse -week structure.

I use 0.19,layer,normal speed,auto fan ,medium infil.

please help

I would suggest trying a new nozzle or clean out the current one.. Looks like you might have a partial clog. Does the extruder gear skip at all?

Use the 0.3mm and then 0.4mm insert which you can find with your accesories received with Zortrax - heat the extruder and then insert it into nozzle probably your nozzle is clogged if this don’t help then replace nozzle or remove and soak in acetone few hours

Thanks ,a lot,I will try all that .