Bed Leveling Procedure


[quote name=pilou74]Kyle, where did you apply the loctite exactly ?
Just a smear of it under the head of each screw. Pull the bed and you will see. Between the head of screw and round spacer. Push down spacer while keeping screw in place. Kind of a pain. Wipe away excess.


It’s not nonsense, I misinterpreted what you said. (I hope you didn’t make those drawings on purpose) With your method you can level the bed in relation to the axis…to some degree, it would be more precise with a bullseyes or iPhone the size of the axis. However it doesn’t level the bed in relation to the nozzle because those parts aren’t flat. It’s not because the extruder and hot end are attached to the axis and that the build is great quality that you can assume perfection. Move the print head after your exercise and you’ll notice differences here and there. This being said, your procedure doesn’t hurt and can be a first step (I would reserve it for SLA though).


I've been trying to level the platform but it just don't work...

I leveled the machine, then the platform.

I have designed a box similar to the Up calibration box.

It measures basically 0.8 less than the maximum wich is 164 mm.

The back left side doesn't sticks.

What is happening?

With the machine off I set the correct distance between the nozzle and the platform.

Then when the job is sent, the machine performs a "test" I guess and it touches the center of platform, then the front left corner and then again the center, then again the left front corner AND here is when the problem starts because the platform gets lowered a bit, and when the job starts the printer starts working lower than where it was manually Z positioned.

so the print is not sticking.

Any hint? has anyone this issue?