Best font for clean/crisp text at 6mm size?

I need to print a small badge/plaque with 6mm text and I'm wondering if anyone else has experience and would mind sharing. I need a good bold but crisp and clear font. My first attempt is too muddy ……..  Thank you!


I have tried to print small text myself and it did the same thing to me. the best way to the    small badge/plaques is with a laser engraver.

I can help you with that is need be

printed object width = 0.43mm/path, so need to make multiplication of this to not make spaces,

i.e. 3x0.43mm = 1.29mm =~ 1.30mm will make 3 tight paths, but 1.25mm will make 2 paths with space between them

so, there's no other way but edit every wrong letter by your own to have proper width

Thank you both for your answer. I ended up searching around and found a decent compromise font that's better than what I had but of course not perfect.  I used Adobe Fan Heiti Std Bold……. results below.