Best way to print my model


My first post here :)

I have tried to print my model flat but getting all the holes filled and it is quite difficult to clean after. Can someone help and explain what is the best position and settings to print this model? I need to keep the holes to be able to insert an usb key inside and the head in the body.

For now i want to print with simple Z-ABS for a test, the model is checked inside Mesh Mixer and there is no problems.



I would do it as it is,

bottom layer looks worst, so foot-position is best, besides holes won't have support inside, that's good

that's for body,

for the cap - do you need hole in it?

Is this some kind of stick holder?


ok noted i will do the body on foot position

The cap i need the hole inside

The two parts connect together and inside you can put an usb key, this is a packaging for a game

What is the best way to position the upper part with the stick ?

also i have checked the model in mesh mixer but i have strange artefacts near the connection between the body and arms... and there is supports in the eyes which is not convenient for cleaning

Any idea? attached is what i have in the software

I would print the cap with the flat part down.  A little support inside the hole can be removed with needle-nose pliers. 

thanks but there is a big hole inside the cap that need to stay empty at the end. No problem with this if i print flat part down ?

I would recommend to tilt both parts 45°

I would print the cap with the flat part down.

me too,

sometimes i make pre-prints with i.e. 0,5x scale (less time and material), to see how it looks more or less

you just have to make some prints to "feel it" by your own :)


Thanks to everybody, i will do some tests and let you know