Big print , big success

After difficulties in printing large parts with standard Zortrax ABS and no side covers I adopt the suggestions that came from forum users and obtain a very good result.

This print has been done with


Side covers

The only concern has been the detaching of one corner at the beginning of the print that was then  aborted.

Some Abs in aromatic solvent brushed on the printing surface solved the problem.

The print parameters were:

0,29 mm layer

minimum infill

light support

Thaks for help guys !


Congratulations !


Bravo, Luca!

Merci Laurent, thanks Julia !

Well I did not made really much , just followed your suggestions and benefit from the experience of other forum members and of course I own a real high quality 3D printer ;) .

With another large print I had a power blackout that allowed me to experience how effective is gluing Abs  and convinct me to connect to the Zortrax a forgotten UPS unit.

hello luca, what fanspeed did you use? and did you print with the v2 hotend or the v1?

Hi Silvio,

automatic fan speed

I have receive my M200 the 20th of May.

The M200 came with the starter kit that includes  some accessories, pliers, spatula, grease, bisturi,  nozzle needles, safety gloves and glasses.

My heating plate have 4 bolts per side so I guess it is the newest version but I'm aware that some V1 plates have also 16 holes but 1,5 mm thick instead of 3 mm as V2 plate.

It is possible my hot end is version V2 but having not remove the nozzle I do not know how to distinguish between version V1.

The part is 135 x 94 x 85 mm



Great and detailed review! I was on the fence about whether covers and Z-HIPS would help. Your photos make me want to give it a go now! :)

Keep up the good work! Grats!