Big trouble when printing

Hello Zortrax staff:

I have a really weird and big trouble with the printer right now. When I attemp to print, the extruder collides with the back part of the printing bed. At first, I thought it could be due to leveling problems, so I calibrated the bed very carefully, and now, the trouble is bigger! Not only it collided today when I started to print (with the 0.0.3 firmware and the 0.0.4 Z-Suite), but it also scratched the printing bed! Attached you’ll see a picture that shows what I’m trying to say.

How exactly did you calibrate it?

I calibrate it with a bubble level and an app in my tablet. I center the level, then I check by setting it diagonally (both diagonals), and double check with the app.

Not a good way. How do you know that your x and y rods are perfectly level. It’s easy to accumulate errors with a bubble level. Your platform is obviously not in plane with the rods. That’s why it also got worse after redoing it.

Do the following: shut the printer off. Put your gloves on. Move the extruder slowly to the center by hand. Then move the platform up by turning the ball screw. Position the platform so that a credit card fits between the platform and the nozzle. Now hold the ball screw with one hand (so that the platform stays put) and slowly move the extruder around with the other hand. You should have the same distance (credit card thickness) between the platform and the nozzle everywhere you move the extruder head. I bet this is not the case currently. I expect the distance (or gap) to get a lot smaller when you move the head towards the already scratched up area.

If this is the case, play with the screws until the gap is even everywhere.

BTW… The scratches should not hurt anything… If at all they increase adhesion :wink:

Thank you Andre! I’ll try to do such and I’ll let you know as soon as I do it :wink:

Ok, hope it helps. And do not worry about the bubble level being out after you’re done. It only matters that the platform is level/parallel relative to the x/y rods


Do you noticed weird sound at time when Z stage moving Up/Down ?

Is this problem exist also at center of platform ? - something like a this.

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@Zortrax staff

Fortunately I haven’t have that kind of problem. I went and calibrated the heated bed as you recommended, and I noticed that the middle portions of the bed are combed upwards, so I followed the instructions in some lasercraft’s post and used clips to hold it tight. The real problem I have now is, since the extruder head collided with the bed and scratched it, the head seems to be clogged I’m guessing with paint, because I already have cleaned it with acetone and methylene chloride, and none of those seem to unclog it.

¿Do you know some method or reactive/chemical that can solve this problem? And, I was wondering ¿Are these heads suitable for replacement of the one that came installed on the printer?

And if those aren’t, is there a way to purchase spare extruder nozzles? I got a replacement one, but I don’t want to risk to the two of them, so that’s why I’m trying to fix the clogged one and thinking to buy some more :).

Thanks Zortrax staff

You don’t have to risk the spare nozzle. Just remove the filament and make a “dry run” with the clogged nozzle to see if it still scratches. If it does not scratch anymore then you can switch to the emergency nozzle and you shouldn’t have a problem.

Then take the clogged nozzle and let it sit in acetone over night to remove all ABS residues. After that take a guitar string and try to push the paint out from the inside. But it is possible that the scratching also smeared the brass and damaged the opening irreparably. But at least you can keep printing with the emergency nozzle until your replacement arrives.

Double post, sorry

Hey Andre!

I didn’t think of a dry run :wink: just like you’d do with a CNC machine! I’ll let it sit on acetone overnight and try the guitar string method and let you know about the outcome. But man, you didn’t let me know it the spare nozzles from amazon that I’m watching are suitables for the machine, I mean, this is my first printer and I don’t know if the threading is standard for all the nozzles or if they vary or what kind of nozzle should I look for. I ask because I’ve seen a nozzle thats $140 bucks! So I’m guessing that they’re different even when they all look the same.

Thanks again :wink: (Y) :slight_smile:

Not sure if you know but I’m not from Zortrax. I’m just a Zortax owner. :slight_smile:

But I don’t think the nozzles from your link will fit. The nozzles can vary from printer to printer.

I hope Martin can help you out with a spare nozzle.

Hahaha, thanks for the reply Andre! I know you’re not from Zortrax, but you seem to be more experienced than I am hehehe :). I’ll wait for a Zortrax answer about the nozzles and I really hope that those ones fit. (Y)

I really don’t think those will fit since the say 1.75 inlet dia. The Zortrax nozzle is bigger in the inside since a tube goes into it. The UP/Afinia nozzle is the same design and should fit but it has a different shape on the tip compared to the stock nozzle.

@daagudeloc, I didn’t read the whole thread between You and Andre, but did you find the spare emergency nozzel in your Zortrax kit?

Ok, read it now. Just do as Andre says, the guitar string fix works well, and an acetone soak should too.