Blockage of material in the head

I have an M300 Dual printer. At the beginning she printed well, without any problem (I have it a month). Now every printout is broken. The printer every time shows the message: “blockage of material in the head”.
I did the unloading of material, cleaning with a needle, and then reloading one more time - the filament flies out without a problem. During printing, the filament flies once thickly once, thinly (i hear the printer cannot pick up the filament). The printer starts printing and sometimes after a while, sometimes after a few hours a message about material blockage pops up. Printing on original Pet-G filament. Calibrations performed again. Nothing helps.

Could i have some help please

yep I find this is common with the dual extrusion material
its really brittle as well and easily snaps off in the head
on single extrusion its fine… but I know this isn’t the point of the machine… but invariably the mode I commonly use … as its just more reliable especially on long prints

Hi, have you perhaps updated the firmware of your M300 Dual to the latest 2.2.0 version?
I am asking it because I have updated the firmware of my M200 Plus to version 2.2.0 first and then to version 2.2.1, but with this firmware, I have experienced an “extruder clogging” problem and this is indeed the very first time this happens to my printer (I was using Z-ULTRAT material). Since it was very strange, I have downgraded the firmware to version 2.1.4 because I suppose this clogging could be caused by bad temperature management of the extruder by the new firmware 2.2.x. I have also replaced the nozzle and now everything go smoothly but Zortrax should investigate if there is something related to the new firmware or it is only a coincidence.

Yes, I upgraded software to newest. Now I do extruder maintenance and i found some what can block it. But I will try to downgrade because I think that it happened after this upgrade. I will give you feedback.

I downgraded software to 2.1.3 because after 2.1.4 and 2.2.0 I have that problems. I see also that I can’t print models created in Z-Suite beta version unfortunately.

Unfortunately nothing isn’t work. This printer work same like earlier. I have that’s problems:

You can see this sound what printer do: It’s happen only on A head.

I guess you have a clogged nozzle. Change it with a new one or try to let it into acetone for a few hours and then remove all material residues from the inside with the needles provided in the Zortrax Toolkit.

I had exact the same problems with our m300 dual and petg … the answer from zortrax: my fault because I had to remove the petg after each print. They directed me to an old page where you can read all about that petg is known to clogge the nozzle very often. I had to change the nozzle and drill up the extruder (otherwise I have to buy a new one).


Please note that the hotend module (as well as the nozzle) is a consumable part which is prone to natural wear and tear, especially when printing with dense and heat sensitive materials as Z-PETG. Thus, the module should be replaced periodically.

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yeah, but not after 2-3 weeks of using the printer with only the first roll of material shipped with the printer

In my case, printing at 260 degrees (nylon) has blocked the hotend.
There is a teflon tube. To my knowledge, the hotend should be made entirely of metal for nylon printing. But yesterday I received information from the zortrax team. Hotend has a life span of 400 hours. After that time, it must be replaced. The cost of this module is $158. With frequent printing, you have to replace the hotend every month. They’re not ridiculous.


Yes, an approximate lifespan of the hotend module is 400 printing hours. Also, it highly depends on the type of filaments you use. Most of all, please note that consumable parts need to be replaced regularly due to normal wear and tear.

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