Bottom surface poor quality

Hello guys, I have a problem with print quality.
I include photos top surface and bottom surface. The quality of the bottom surface is quite poor. it's normal?
z-abs, 0.09, autofan, full infill, (side covers)
With other printers reach quality levels much better .... it could be a problem in the raft? in the plan?

Please open a new issue on the Bug Tracker:

Sadly it looks quite normal. It’s hard to get the same surface in the bottom as top because the layer would have to be squished into the raft, making raft removal impossible.

Yesterday I printed a model with the new Z-Suite, which was printed in a similar form with an earlier version of Z-Suite. In both cases I made it from Z-Hips with 0.19mm resolution.

When I removed the new part I figured out, that the bottom surface has a poor quality. It feels very rough, like a rasp and the mesh of the bottom surface is not detached to the sidewalls. I don´t know if it is only when printing with Z-Hips, but this is really disappointing, because it was better before.  :(

Did anybody else recognize, that the bottom surface quality became worse with the Z-Suite 1.2.1 update?