Brown marks on first print


My M200 turned up yesterday and straight away I put it to work on some small parts. As you can see there are some burn marks on the prints. On the image with the single part the burn marks are on ribs, and the ribs are not well formed (they're .8mm thick). The nozzle is also now contaminated on the outside with black stuff (I assume burnt filament).

Settings: .09mm layer, normal speed, auto fan, solid.

Any ideas what's happening?

I thought that the nozzle could be over heating possibly, but I'm not sure.

I'm going to try another print over the weekend and see if it was just teething issues. If I still have issues I'll raise an issue with support.



Which firmware and which zsuite version?

I'm sure you picked the right material in zsuite. 

I had the same thing on my first or second print. Was actually a filament issue as the original free filament that came with them in the beginning was imperfect.

Hard to tell with only one print done.

Yep, i had same issues too.. make more prints, let nozzle heat a few times, melt some filament, then it should be ok :),

if not, write it down here or support

Ok, glad other people have had the same issue...well not glad for them obviously but glad I'm not the only one.

I'm about to do a 30 hour print, so if I have issues after that I'll contact support.

Hardware V04 & Z-suite V0.0.9.6.

Thanks for the responses.

I found it paramount in the beginning to watch the print every so often just in case it needs to be redone. As with most things, wearing in is needed but I have stopped a few prints in the beginning either due to my file error or printer error but was able to catch in time before I lost a bunch of material.

Good Luck with your Prints.


I don't know, but my Zortrax did not need any break in period... I wonder if the extruder temp is off. If I remember correctly Caesar had a similar issue and he found his temp probe to be inaccurate...

You should not have such extreme burn marks with zABS, not even when the printer is new. There was a time where we have seen this with Ultrat for a while but this was resolved with a zsuite update.

The only other thing could be bad try another (light) color or a fresh roll of white...if you see it again you should contact support.

Hardware V04 & Z-suite V0.0.9.6.

Hardware of firmware V04? Firmware is on V05 now.

Hardware of firmware V04? Firmware is on V05 now.

They have hardware V4 now.. (printer)     Firmware is 0.5


Please contact with the support at support(at), please send .stl and .zcode file.