We appreciate your comments on Z-Suite Software. In order to improve all bugs you find, we’ve created Bug Tracker. With new application we gain more control over reported errors to improve our work even faster. New tool is available in “Bug Tracker” tab in the main menu.

To report an issue go to Z-Suite category in the Bug Tracker and select “Start new issue” option. To complete new topic, simply fill out the form:

- Issue title – title closely related to the reported error

- Issue tags – key words describing reported error (not required)

- Issue description – the description of reported error

Attach files, so we can better understand the problem:

- Images – screenshot of Z-Suite or photos of printed model illustrating the problem

- .stl file - .stl file of printed model (only visible to admin)

- .zcode file - .zcode file from Z-Suite (only visible to admin)

Choose Z-Suite version – you can find it in the column to the right.

Once completed, post new topic selecting “Post new issue” option. It will be immediately visible in Z-Suite category in the Bug tracker.

Below you can find all statuses that we give to each issue:

Open â€“ issue was added

In progress â€“ we are working to solve problem described in your request

Fixed â€“ issue was solved. Update will be implemented in the next version of software or it exists in the current version

Hold â€“ issue requires time for testing or it was hold for other reason

Not a bug â€“ described issue is not a bug

Cannot reproduce â€“ we cannot reproduce described error

Working as intended â€“ issue is a consequence of proper operation of the software

Closed â€“ issue is closed