when I get the printer is it calabrated?

when I go to calibration menu it will not do anything .

can the machine calibrate ?



The calibration option does not work with the current firmware. When you start a print it will check 2 points just before printing though. Hopefully they update it with full calibration soon.


I had to level bed because the part lifted from supports

What does the support option do?

Can someone explain how to use it?


Is this ok for calibration?

yes, for bed leveling

Pretty close!

[quote name=The6uest]Pretty close!

Damn… You are dialed in!!!

Yeah, good enough for government work anyways… :wink:

Can you give an explanation of what screws correspond to witch numbers? What is “up” and what is “down”? I think I know left and right :wink:

If I remember correctly mine is off by 0,4…

0,4 is not so bad.

Down = front

Up = rear

Okay thx. A little hard to gues. Will try lvl’ing it a little better, also to get more familiar with the printer.