can a moderator or a company rep please respond to this

im in the market for another 3d printer and i was wondering if i could get a clear answer from the company is regards to a second extruder and the option to vary temperature.

i have used the zortrax printer and i feel  its a good printer, i feel the software is lacking some obvious key features but i have to say for what it can do, it prints nicely,

i would love to buy a zortrax as i love to support startups but i have been burned in the past whenever i purchased anything from a company that was not established.

i feel that without the ability to vary temperature , we are forced to some extent to use propriatary filament and if you guys go out of business we are kinda screwed.

i feel that since you guys are lacking some very important features and considering how this industry is advancing  by leaps and bounds , i feel that unless you guys get on your bike and offer some upgrades that at least allow the performance of your printer, to at the very least compete with printers like ultimaker, i believe it will only be a matter of time before you are out of business and if this happened it would be a shame as like i said, i would love to see you guys succeed.

i understand you guys have alluded to , in the past, the availabiliy of a duel extruder in the future and/or the ability to vary temperature but you refuse to offer any more information other than "its possible"

at this point you are either working on these options or youre not...i feel enough time has passed that , at this point you guys should be able to give a straight "YES OR NO" answer and if the answer is yes, at least a rough timeline as to when this can be expected.

on the topic of the ability to vary temperature,  i understand you have concerns about possibly damaging the machine by using filaments that are not approved by zortrax and by blocking this option you are ensuring that the machine  will be as "problem free" as possible, but when you made that decision is think what you failed to realize was that the overwhelming majority of 3d printer users are "tinkerers" by nature...we are not typical "plug and print" type of people but rather people who like to experiment and push the limits of our creations. using this printer is its current form is like doing open heart surgery with a butter knife especially with the vast amount of advancements in the 3d printer market in just the past few months.

i cant stress it enought, this printer is great, when it does what its good at doing, it does it well, but with the current options, what you can make with this machine is extremely limited and just annoying ..

can you print without a raft yet? last time i used a zortrax you couldnt and this was a huge disadvantage to just about every other machine out there, cant vary temperature so specialized filament is not possible and if you guys just refuse altogether to allow us to lower the temperature, at the very least you should have released a wood filament as well as other special filaments.

soluble support material is a must for just about anything other than the most simple , boring shapes...i can imagine most zortrax users will get bored with their machine in a matter of weeks without the ability to make truly impressive pieces and to be honest, if you are a designer and want to create cool stuff, its a better bet to just create your stl files are have shapeways make it for you...its faster and cheaper and the materials and quality is just vastly superior.

of course there is a reason to use your own machine , like i said, sending files to shapeways is not for everyone, especially with creative people like us who like to be involved in the entire process but without these upgrades , this printer just doesnt cut it .

i hope you guys dont see this post as an attack on your company, its nothing of the sort....i said it and ill say it again, i love your company and i want nothing more than to see you succeed and thats the reason for this post, i just dont understand the logic in your goal to sell a "user friendly" 3d printer....while in theory this sounds good, i like enyone else wants the least amount of problems with my printer so i can spend more time on the creation of the files,  but if by doing so you make this machine so basic and without any features , so much so that it makes it impossible to create anything interesting, then what is the point???

user friendly is great but where exactly is the market for this? just about anyone who would consider buying a 3d printer is a creator, as creators we push the limits, we experiment, we fiddle and we tinker.... currently you allow none of this and it clearly shows in whats possible with this,  unimpressive plastic trinkets are a novelty and something that cause almost all zortrax users to get bored...

anyway, please dont see this as an have the framework in place for a great machine ...i understand that a second extruder may effect the quality that i already stated was good with your machine...but i dont see a reason for not allowing us to experiment with temperature at the very least.

either way i think we deserve, after all this time and after promises, something more than "its possible"

can you at least give a more detailed answer? its either not happening at all, or it is right:?...have you guys begun developing a second extruder? have you made a company decision to absolutely NOT allow us to vary the temperature??   im sure im not the only person here wondering exactly what we have to look forward to .

thanks for listening to my

I'm not a company rep or moderator, but I will address a few of your points anyway, FWIW.

I don't think dual extrusion will happen, for several reasons: the motherboard does not have a spare stepper driver for another extruder, the ribbon cable doesn't have extra conductors, and the print head is not designed to accept another extruder. So adding a second extruder would mean an extensive tear-down of the whole machine. I think a lot of build area would be lost since X travel would be limited by the second extruder. They may introduce another machine with dual extrusion in the future, but I don't think conversion is in the cards for the M200.

If you come from an open-source background, however, you may not be familiar with how easy it is to remove support generated by the Zortrax slicer. It's a whole different world, so your assertion that "we must have dissolvable support" may be based on false assumptions. Of course for some prints support removal can still be a chore, but generally users of the M200 (and the Up/Afinia) do not live in terror of support like the open-source crowd do. I have successfully printed many non-"boring", complex shapes requiring a lot of support on both the Zortrax and Up. Like this one:, for example.

Regarding raftless printing, the M200 is based on a perforated build surface with conductive areas for auto height sensing and leveling. I suppose the same could be done with an unperforated PC board, but then adhesion and leveling would become much more problematic - perforations help tremendously with adhesion, and raft helps tremendously with level and tram issues. Personally I think rafts are great and don't mind the extra time they take to print (because it saves time dealing with other issues in the long run) but that's just my opinion.

Many users (including myself) do agree with you about user-controllable extrusion temperature, but you wouldn't necessarily be "screwed" if Zortrax went out of business, because Up filament is virtually identical to Z-ABS and extrudes at the same temperature. The M200 actually prints surprisingly well with other lower-temp ABS's, or at least it did prior to Z-Suite 0.0.8's 10-degree bump in temperature.

As to printer users being tinkerers, I think you'll find widely varying opinions about this. I'm a professional product developer, and while I'm not afraid or unable to tinker, for me the printer is a tool with which to build prototypes to support my business; I don't usually want to have to tinker with it, I want it to print the damned parts cleanly, quickly, and accurately and without having to fiddle much with hardware or software, and the M200 generally does a great job of that.

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