Can not install 2.01


New to the forums but i had a M200 Plus for a while and it worked like a charm so far.

After 400 hours of printing i ran in to my first problem and that is that i cant update it from 2.0 to 2.01.

When i start the printer it says that there is an update and that i am running 2.0. When i run the update it finishes with no errors but i am still in 2.0.

And it seems to take for ages before the printer is ready to print. Trying to print a model in HIPS and after 10 minutes it seems to still be warming up.

Any tips or tricks to help me with this issue?


Make sure that you have only one update.zar2 file on the USB drive - the install file for the version 2.0.1.

Did you have similar difficulties with updating to 2.0?

Please contact me via PM.

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The printer may seem like it updates on the air, but you actually need to have the update file on the USB drive.