Can someone print Ultimaker Robot for comparision?

I always have difficulties to print Ultimaker robot in original scale and are very curios if M200 does a better job with z-abs than my Duplicator 4 with Colorfabb PLA. As you can see in this clip i have alot of problems printing it.

After 10-12h I’ll print it for you :slight_smile: This is very simple model to print, I’m sure on 100% that Zortrax will print it with 10x better quality.

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I may be able to print it too later tonight. Is that model on Thingiverse?

There :

Here are a few images of the one I just printed out. It looks pretty good but I bet it will look even better once Zortrax updates the software and firmware! First image is before I removed the support material.

How long did that take?

Not too long… I didn’t time it but less than an hour.

I hope a future software update gives us an estimated print time. It calculates the entire printer path for the part and support material so it seems like they could do that.

Nice… You should hit it with a lighter to gloss it up…

I tried but it’s difficult doing that with a lighter. I think the acetone vapor thing would be better or maybe a heat gun.

Thx alot The6uest! I have never printed it with support and i still wonder how outcome is without support. Most difficult without support is when bot try to bridge “belly” overhang and to get round ears.

But it is impressive that so much support seems easy to get off. Also looks like the ringing problem i have not exists on M200, damn how much money do i have on my account becuse i feel like i want to spend 1899 on something! :cool:

Just do it Trhuster!!! lol

For very small models 10 degrees of support is the best choice because with default 30 a little too much of support is generated but for bigger objects 30 degrees is perfect.

By the way the “Enable additional fan cooler” option don’t working (someone commented the lines for controlling it in firmware), with fully enabled additional fan cooler this print should looks much better and then support is more easy to remove.

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Sounds good Martin. I will try using less degrees of support next time I do a small print like that. Looking forward to the next update! :slight_smile:

v0.0.4 software and 0.0.3 firmware

.14 layer height, support disabled, 100% fan cooler air blowing.

Original size

Hi Martín, what support do you used???

It says support disabled :wink:

0degree, disabled for this model due of strong air cooling and this model was designed as printed without support.

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