Can the new firmware add a function that lower the heatbed manually?

First I should have to say thanks for the developers (both software and hardware) of Zortrax. It is really a good quality machine. There is nothing perfect on the world so as the machine, firmware and software.

By the mean time the frimware is beta, of course, and there should have always rooms to improve. I know someone request lowering the heatbed after each printing. I hope there is one more function: the ability to lower the heatbed through the turning switch.

I have think adding “rise the heatbed” function, but it may damage the machine accidentally if there is a tall finished printing on the heatbed. Therefore I think just adding “lower the heatbed” is enough.

By the way, I am looking forward to the next version firmware and software. :slight_smile:

Best wish to all the developers.

The next version has this capability. some of us are running beta .6.6.6 firmware which has this function. Ask Martin for a link.