Can't load Z-Glass


I have a problem with “Z-Glass” filament (new spool), It cannot be loaded, while regular abs works just fine. I’ve checked extruder and nozzle, everything seems to be fine. I’ve recorded the process:

Any ideas?

If you are using this method of loading new filament you should cut it as straight as possible.

Is there any other method of loading filament? I always cut it at angle ( my new spool was also cut like this ) but I'll try, thanks! :)

Yup. You are using non-official method of loading filament.

Official method is to unload filament first and then load new one.

Oh, that's just for purpose of the movie, normally I unload the old one... I have cut another longer peace of my new spool and tried again, it worked this time but I had to use some force. Any way It's working now, I just hope it will not clog, thanks! :)