Can't turn off fan (and problem with layers separating)

Hi everyone!

Our company has recently purchased a M200. After printing Benchy and a few other small objects we came to love this printer.

When we printed a large vertical object though in the middle, 2 layers separated from another. Also the bottom right of the object lifted off the raft (after about an hour of printing).

Now I read that it might help by turning off the fan. In Z-Suite I set the fan to 0%, but it is still running while printing....

We are printing with Z-ULTRAT and 0.19mm layer height. 

Can someone recommend some settings for printing Z-ULTRAT without warping or layer separating?

Thanks in advance!

Turning FANs completely its not possible due to high possibility to overheat the extruder. Gather few photos and attach it, along with STL/ZCODE, to . To print bigger models, I would recommend getting side covers and keep print room temperature steady. 

There are two fans. The one on the top (the one that you can easily see) cools the extruder heat break and must run all the time, as Marcin says. It does not blow on the print.

The one underneath (not easy to see) is the one that blows on your print. Setting fan speed to 0 when slicing should turn it off during all or most printing operations.

Ah I see.

We have ordered the side covers but they we're sold out. They will arrive in about 5-10 days.

Here is a picture of the print:


The lower fan (the only one that Z-Suite allows to control) is always running for a while after the raft was printed (i.e. within the 1st layer). Guess that's meant to make separating the model from the raft easier.

So if you set it to 0% in Z-Suite it will still run for a while after the raft, but then it will stop for the rest of the print.