Cant update firmware from 0.0.5 to 0.0.6

Hi, i can't seem to get my printer to automatically install the newest firmware update. I load it on to the memory card and plug it in to my printer, but it still remains on version 0.0.5 which is what it came with. Any suggestions to what i may be doing wrong?


You can only use 2-4GB card while using bootloader.

You can only use 2-4GB card while using bootloader.

The zortrax card that came with it should work right? I unzip the file and load it to the card and still it won't update. Also do you know why the Card has a little yellow plastic switch on it? 

Thanks again!

Switch my be in the wrong direction, it should be facing down towards the readers tabs, if it is up the printer may not see it because it was read protected or some bs that SD cards do.

I also did not succeed, but I think it's because I had done the upgrade with the beta version released in early Jul

The yellow plastic switch secures your card for data access. If it's on, you won't be able to upload any data on it.

Generally before you do anything, please follow theese stepps:

1. Scan the card with the scandisk

2. Copy and paste all the files from the card, format it with FAT32 and upload the Update.bin file with the new Z-Firmware
3. Try to use any other card formatted with FAT32 and check if it works

If that won't help, can both of you please describe exactly what you're doing and how you're installing the new update in few steppes?

Thank you,


Sure ill try it again, and post if it was successful.