change lm6uu

Hi there!

Is possible to change the lm6uu?

My bearings wobble and my 3d printed pieces show this problem..

Is there some pdf or tutorial for change this bearings?




Image pulled from here

Before you do anything, check that the bearing set screws are reasonably tight on the sides of the xy block.

Move head to center of XY. See the screw next to rail on left side (ignore the circled red parts)? There are two of those (one on the right but blocked in image), on each block. Remove those and the central XY assembly can come out. (You can also make things easier by loosening the screws marked in red first, and then slide the small rails to one block or the other so the plate can slide away from one of the block (they're notched).. youll probably see what I mean).

After removing, loosen screws in red (if haven't already) and remove the plate from the rails. Clean the rail first (or you'll drag garbage into the bearings) and then slide the rail out of the bearings. Then on the side of the XY bearing block, loosen the set screws (two for each bearing).... LM6-LUU should come out.

When you mount new bearings into the block, make sure that for each LM6 an internal bearing row is not inline with the bearing setscrews.... otherwise when you tighten the setscrew, the bearing will deform and pinch the rod.