Clearance needed for moving parts

I would like to print something with moving parts - think of it like a link in a bicycle chain so it has an axle through a hole with cheeks on both sides. What clearance should I try between the moving parts?

I generally use about .010 inch.. not metric. You will probably still need to break it free a little..

I use +0.2mm/radius, +0.4mm per diameter. For example 2mm rod into a 2.4mm printed hole for a loose fit.

Depending on rod size, it could be tight fit or loose fit. Print to test then remove or add 0.05mm at a time.

2mm rod into a 2.2mm hole always is a perfectly tight fit for me.

Maybe someone who tried the advanced options in Z-Suite could tell you more about that. That should actually keep us from guessing the tolerances but I never used them until now.

Thanks, that give me a place to start. Don't mind experimenting but each iteration is 4-5 hours so a good place to start is important.

I have used the advanced features offsets quite a bit now. With ABS, in the range of 5 - 25 mm or so, 0.04 for outside and 0.14 for inside seems to be a pretty reliable value. I'm sure it depends on the material and overall size. Also part-to-part variation seems pretty small, well within the 0.1mm accuracy. 

My inside is right at .13 in advanced.. Pretty close!!