clever and fast enclosure tool

Hi people.

Im still playing with this great printer, i found it very nice.

Someone have already design a printable part for make the front plaxiglass enclosure easy and quickly open/close? like door pivot.

i try print that, but was not usable ( i have original plaxiglass panels and dont fit great )

Which panels version do you have ?

i suppose the last printer have 4 weeks of life

Could you upload some pictures?

this one:

That’s the old ones…

so, dont exist nothing useful for that?

so, dont exist nothing useful for that?

Here you can find the new one

i dont want new panels...

How thick are you panels? I have drawn up hinges for mine. I can adjust for your thickness.  Attach to printer and door with this.. or similar..

try my solution....

Here is mine..Magnet in handle and inside case keeps it closed.. Magnets are 10mm x 3mm xqHnJ2.jpgv1mD6O.jpg

cool guys, thanks, my thickness is 3mm i like magnet version, hope the magnet dont disturb the stepper motor

They won’t … There are 3 strong magnets already in there…the ones that hold your platform.

I’ll try to get hinges modified for 3mm tomight. I’ll shoot you a message with download link.

Thank you Kyle, u very gentle.

Check your PM.. Link is attached..