Color prints

Here are some color prints I have done. Most were printed with ‘medium’ fill and all were printed with .19mm layers and 20 deg support where necessary. If you have any other questions about the prints (such as where I got the files) just ask!

I see you have been busy!!! They look great!!

So many nice prints. And in diffrent colors too! Now i want my M200 even more, great. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’ve been printing a lot! It’s on more than it is off. :slight_smile:

Excellent! Some of them look like injection molded. :smiley:

Did you model any of them yourself?

[quote name=YosemiteSam]Did you model any of them yourself?

Unfortunately not… I am not that good. The only thing I printed that I have modeled myself so far is that black phone stand I show in another topic. Eventually I’d like to learn something more complex though.

The last one, the blue vase, is really beautiful. Where can we find the stl ?

I will also try the skull once I receive my printer so can you also share the stl ?

Thanks :wink:

No problem! I found both on Thingiverse. The Julia Vase is here and the Dinosour Skull is here. I printed the vase kinda small just to see how it would print but eventually I’d like to do a bigger one.

thanks !

I found the STL listing of digiphorm to be useful if you want skulls :

Nice, there’s some cool skulls there! Thanks

Wow, Very Nice. :cool:

[quote name=The6uest]Yeah, I’ve been printing a lot! It’s on more than it is off. :slight_smile:

This Looks beautiful!!! :slight_smile:

Another print… This one I also got on Thingiverse. I printed it full size with .19mm layers, light fill and 20 degree support. Estimated print time was 9.5 hours but I was asleep when it finished printing so I don’t know how close it was to that.

It looks more blue than it actually is in this first photo because of the lighting…


Nice finishing ! Seems smooth.

[quote name=pilou74]Nice finishing ! Seems smooth.

It is smooth :slight_smile:

Finished all 6 pieces of this puzzle. It’s about 60mm in diameter. Looks cool but the fit could be a little more snug. This one may have been a little better.

I like it!!

Here’s some more! The first one is just a better shot of the owl from earlier. The 2nd pic is my attempt at making a ‘bolt’ version of the bullet puzzle. It came out pretty good but I need to tighten up the tolerance some more.

The rest of the photos are of a set of coasters I printed and a stand. The file for the coasters I found online and the stand I drew myself in Tinkercad. I was going to make a plain flat coaster holder but then scratched that idea and went with one that holds them up at an angle. :slight_smile:

Ok… Very COOL!!! More Puzzles??? NO!!! lol