Consistent stepper skipping / layer shift in center of bed

I’m getting a consistent layer shift when starting the first left-right raft layer (x axis according to zsuite), when printing in the middle of my bed. If I go closer to the front with my prints, the raft builds fine. The bed was cleaned a while back (as per instructions on the support site) and while an asa surface prep was reapplied, there isn’t a significant amount in that area (not enough to change height or impede the bed leveling). I made sure I had also removed any filament that remained during the first touch off plate calibration.

Hi, @Zapf.
Could you share some pictures of this shift?
Have you carried out the axes maintenance?

Axes maintenance was performed prior to recording this

Have you greased the axes? Can you easily move the extruder when the printer is turned off?

Following this, I wiped down the axis and greased them with white lithium grease (I did not have any service grease available from the original packaging). The problem appears to have been resolved, at least with a couple dozen hours of printing directly over the problem area.

Hi, @Zapf.
Thank you for the information, I’m glad it help :slight_smile: