curling with z-Hips

I have just started to print a model with z-Hips.

I bought this material because I though that its lower shrinkage would mean lower curling problems, and the problem was just the opposite. Just after printing the base layers, the curling was evident.

It seems that the adhesion to the print platform is lower than with z-ABS (I "painted" the platform with the ABS slurry some prints ago)


2015-05-14 09.58.22.jpg

Any suggestion? 

I have finally cancelled the print just after taking the photo (and writing the previous post), and my surprise was that the adhesion between the material and the perforated plate was non-existent. I was able to remove the printed base material without any effort (without the scraper).

¿Should I made a slurry with z-Hips instead of with z-ABS?

Ships doesn't make a slurry. 

Have you tried a glue stick?

Do you have side covers?

Glue sticks and side covers are going to make the difference, an easy quick fix is to cut cardboard panels from the box the Zortrax came in and tape them on.

I could repeat one of prints today spraying the perforated plate with hairspray, and covering the sides and the front with books and boards.

De adhesion between the raft and the perforated board was much better, but anyway I have a curling simmilar to that which I got with z-ABS. One corner of the raft some 3mm (the piece is prismatic, with a base of 9x1cm aprox.).