Different Filament Temps?

Just printed an item with the black Z-ABS filament and the fan switched on at a higher speed about half-way through the job which was estimated to take 90 minutes. This rarely happens with any other color filament. Does black generate more heat than other colours?  Do different colours work better at specific temperatures? Is there a table somewhere that lists general colour temperature ranges?


fan speed is determined during the slicing procedure by zsuite (only material is selected there, not color). It does not get adjusted by the printer on the fly during the print.

If set to auto then the fan speed is programmed into the specific zcode file, taking into account several factors of your other settings and mostly of the geometry of each part of your model. so it is normal to have different speeds on different parts of the model, that's why we have "auto" for.

regarding colors, there is a difference on how different colored filaments react on the same temperature due to the effects of the different colorants or other additives but not exactly what you ask.

I keep a spreadsheet of the materials I buy and the temp setting best used after testing them.

3...2...1... Hey where is the thread about higher temp ABS filaments?


NICE spreadsheet, can you send me the excel file, so i can customize for me...thanks


NICE spreadsheet, can you send me the excel file, so i can customize for me...thanks

Now that you have seen what can be done, do it yourself.

The settings shown are designed for my system/setup and may not work for you and this work is mine and represents a lot of my personal effort.

Sorry I'm not giving all my work away today, if you look at what I have given the 3D printing community already there should be no doubt I've contributed enough to not be chastised or trolled for it, but I'm sure someone will hate me for this.