Dimensional Issues (One Axis)

Recently received are M200 printer for use at work.   Like the supports and print quality so far but have run into an issue with the Y axis printing smaller than the model.   We are looking at almost 0.025 in across a span of 6 in.   The X axis is right one.    I have gone through and lubricated the rails, adjusted the tension on the carriage belts as well as the stepper belts with out much change in model dimensions.   Will try again this afternoon using the conti belt tensioner.  What other suggestions are there in getting the printer to print dimensionally correct?


Hello, I think this is due to shrinkage of the printing material- it is only 0.42% in your case, not a lot. When printing a ø 28mm cylinder I get something like 0.35% shrinkage on the diameter, so I don't think there is something wrong with your machine. What you could do is to adjust the scale in Z-suite to account for shrinkage.

The problem is that its only in one dimension the Y axis  The X axis prints to the correct size,  So I can't use a shrink factor to correct it.  0.025 in is quite a bit in my opinion as I can hold better on my homemade delta printer.

You can adjust each axis individually in Z-Suite. The shrinkage also depends on the shape of the part, the axis where the part has larger volume will shrink more. To make sure that shrinkage is equal in all axis, model a cube eg. 100x100x100 mm (4"x4"x4") or similar, print it, and measure the length. You can make it hollow to save material. Then you know if the shrinkage is more in one axis. If the error persists, scale the relevant axis in Z-Suite and repeat print.

Best of luck with it!

I see where you can resize the object in a specific axis now.   Is there a way to make that the standard resize for all objects so the printer will print to the correct dimensions.   Seems like there should be a standard calibration in the Z suite where you could adjust this like other printers.

I don`t think there is a way to achieve what you`re asking, would be very useful. I think you need to resize every time you print....

My "UP Plus Pro" has a calibration part you print then measure the part in particular directions and input the values in the software and this sets the offsets for angles and distances into the bios of the printer, if things change (and they do) you can rerun the print and input new values to keeps things in line.

Would be useful to have this sort of option since stepper motors and pulley diameters can vary and we just have to trust someone at the factory test printed and calibrated the printers in some fashion.

Hope nothing shifted or changed during shipping.


Drew i am under the impression that such calibration has positive outcome only for prints of similar size with the calibration cube. it does not solve the issue for every possible model, but ok it's something helpful to be there

I'm Sorry voudas, your impressions are incorrect, the calibration parts are a group of parts that identify dimensions in all three axis including angle drift in Z axis and these adjustments will effect all parts to various degrees dependent upon their size.

I simple test cube is not a final test, it can be a beginning.

ok, i am not aware of the particular drill, i was referring to the process of measuring just one small cube and rely only on that

This is how the calibration print looks like (actually this was from a defective printer as can be seen).

That is some drift you got there!

That is some drift you got there!

Yup, but I was quite happy that it printed anything at all that time.

Before I had to work on the completely loosen screws that fix the bed to the Z-Axis and those are covered by a rod above them.

This first batch(es) have serious QC issues, but if looking in forums of other brands it looks the same (even for gear that are in the middle of their life cycle).  :ph34r:

Anyway, the printer has been replaced by the distributor, now I have another that prints o.k. (after I recalibrated it from scratch)  :wub:

I have submitted this as a problem as well as the issues in the resize command hopefully that add this as a global adjustment.  Resize is a pain in the rear to remember every time and isn't consistent based on the model verses printer UCS's.