Display turned gray during printing and the printer stopped in the middle of the part.

Hello Forum,

I got the M200 plus cheap with just 1.6 printing hours. At the first start everything seemed to be fine and I tried the first print after the obligatory leveling.

The printing started without any problems in the usual quality. After some time the screen didn’t show anything anymore and was only grey illuminated. The print stopped in the middle of the part, but continued to heat.

Switching it off and on again was the only way to get a reaction. With a 2nd print the same thing happened again at another position.

After a search in this forum I suspected the problems with the old firmware (1.3.2). Via intermediate steps at 1.5 and 2.0 I am now on version 2.0.2. and still have the same problem.

Does anyone have any suggestions what else I can check? At the moment I suspect the board, but it could also be a little thing, which has the same effect.

Hello. Please, remove the bottom plate and check all connections on the motherboard and Android PCB (behind the touchscreen set). Also, make sure the screw securing the LCD transfer through on the motherboard is tight. If there is no result - please, contact us via support form. The Android PCB might need replacement.

Hi Karolina, I checked the connections, reloaded the firmware and ran several tests. Unfortunately there are always the same dropouts. I will contact the support.