display zcode error message

After the Print process finishes for my design and I click on display zcode I get the following error message, any idea what this is and why I get it?

The print preview is too complex for real-time 3D animation on your computer. The z-code is OK, you just can't spin the preview around in 3D.

The issue I am having is that I need to see what the zcode looks like due to some of the designs I would display would not be correct and have elements missing.  How can I see what the zcode looks like and be able to zoom and rotate?  I can do that with the stl file but can't with zcode why is that?

It's because your computer is lacking enough memory or graphics power or both (in the opinion of Z-Suite). If I remember correctly, you should get the preview, you just won't be able to rotate it. You might have to wait a while for it to appear, though.