Do you remove the platform?

What does everyone do to remove their prints? Do you remove the platform, then the print, or just remove the print with the platform in the machine? The Quick Start guide says to remove the platform but in the video on its looks like the print is removed in the machine.

I just clean the platform but in a certain time I remove the whole platform from the machine to clean the little plastics bits under the bead wich lead to unproper calibration.

After cleaning always bend the plaftorm like it is showed in the warp free guide posted by rafal. And you will have a happy printing everytime.

I hardly ever remove the bed..

I almost always remove the bed. My prints are usually stuck down so well it sometimes takes a lot of force to scrape them off and I'd rather not subject my Z-axis to that.

Julia has a good point. Keep in mind my prints are generally smaller and require less effort to remove them. If you have a large print, I would follow Julia's recommendations...

It's a good choice to let them cool down. The process itself starts to peel off the print from the bed ;)

And yes small print no need to, large prints better to let them cool and then remove them out of the machine.