Document with error codes of zortrax M200 ?

Hi everyone,

Does someone knows if there's a document with error codes of M200 (Or M300...)

Did have this morning a errorcode of #002 and it took me nearly an hour before I discovered the write protect of the SD card was the problem.

(Stupid me, I know !!!!)

If Zortrax did have a an error code document it would be solved in a minute. So....

If Zortrax or someone else would be so kind to share this... it would be a great resource for future problems. Please leave a message.

And another thing, why is Zortrax help so minimalistic. Where can I find an extensive manual of zsuite 2.5.


Please see the full list of the firmware error messages:

Also, we have an extensive manual of Z-SUITE 2, which is updated regularly.

Thanks Marcin !