Dragon Head "Glowasmoka"

I've printed this previously on the Up but never had time to do it on the Z until now. Scaled it up to about 180x180x180mm, printed in black ABS at 0.29mm layers, fast speed, "mesh" (which is really shell) mode, auto fan.

I finished it by dry-brushing all over with Gilder's Paste "African Bronze", then highlighted by dry-brushing with Rub n Buff "Grecian Gold". Finishing took about 5 minutes total. I'm really liking these wax-based finishes - they're easy and fast to do, you don't need a spray booth, they come in a truly vast color selection including wonderful metallics, and the colors can be blended nicely either before, during, or after application.

Original model is here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:139995



very great paint


Great job!

Julia aways the best! Amazing!

I think the contoured build lines add to the overall effect. Great work!!

Wow … great work :P

BTW "Glowasmoka" ==> "GÅ‚owa smoka" ;)

great job Julia!

Simple but impressive. Its remind me of Smaug from the Hobbit movie, just watched it yesterday.


Looks great Julia!

Very nice Julia!

Top Julia

amazing printings, Julia, as always. ;)

Installed in my daughter's apartment - successful Christmas gift!


guardian of coats! nice! cool paintjob!

Great Job Julia!!

Can you share the store where you buy the colors??


Thanks, Zordlyon. I bought the pastes from Amazon:





Awesome, looks great. :)

Nice job! I agree the build lines add to the effect. Lucky!

i bet next step is going to be the metal casted version of the dragon ;)