Dreamo3D Print settings

Hi , this is my first printed dream3d.

And it looks very bad.

Layer 0.09 , z-ultrat , infill medium , fan auto

The zortrax printer is new , any ideas ?

no idea ?

was there support from the raft to where the writing is?

no , there was no support :(

have you had any problems printing anything else?

the other print are ok . 

but my first layer (after the raft ) is bad .

there are many gaps , is that normal ?

Yes the outer part of the Raft is very open and closser to the part it gets smoother, where the raft and your part are joined is usually reasonably smooth.3704


ok , but i mean the first layer from the model.

the first layer are very bad.

the last layer from the raft is ok.

Is it possible with z-ultrat to print a bottom that has really zero warping?

I have had this happen on certain fonts and certain size lettering. The only fix I found was to change the font and/or just make the letters larger and I have even indented the lettering instead of having it protruding.

Good luck

Dream 3d sell the m200 and send out this lil guy as a sample so it should most certainly come out looking better than that.

Did you level the bed before printing?

Also try printing in ABS and see if that looks better. Perhaps its a combo of a difficult font to print with a quirk of the Ultrat. 

yes the bed is in level.

and thx printz in abs it looks better.

At the weekend I will do more tests